Episode #7-Cold Care

Jess: It’s the new year! But currently resting with a hurt foot propped up on the couch.

Shelby: Tobias had a fever but is still eating, drinking, and sleeping like a champ. Personally starting a time management course (I have 5 kids, work part time, and run my business) My word for the year is focus. I’m currently using some things from Donata White to help me be more organized.

Cold care. A cold is technically a virus. Antibiotics don’t work for viruses. A cold and flu are different. [4:33]

  1. Get good sleep! Rest and recover heals the body quicker
  2. Letting your immune system run its course is healthier in the long run
  3. Stress can lower your immunity [7:32]
    1. Being high stress doesn’t allow your immune system to do its job, so when your body does get a break your immune system can finally kick in (this is why you get sick when you go on break)

Antibiotics [10:47]

  1. The course of a cold is usually 7-14 days, so most the time by the time you get in to a doctor you are already at the tail end of your body fighting off the infection, not the antibiotics from the doctor
  2. Antibiotics wipe out your bacteria, good and bad. The gut microbiome controls 70-80% of our immune systems. Throwing off that balance can make us sicker.
  3. There are some cases where antibiotics are beneficial, so it is necessary to really take care of your gut if the need arises where you do need antibiotics.

Tricks to clear congestion [13:30]

  1. Eliminate inflammatory foods: yogurt, dairy, gluten, refined sugars. Cutting down on extra sources of inflammation will help reduce overall congestion.
  2. 90% of nutrients are absorbed through the intestinal wall, so support the gut for a healthy immune system!!

Balancing the gut [14:44]

  1. We need stomach acid for digestion of food and bacteria.
    1. Apple cider vinegar, digestive bitters, and HCl can help stimulate optimal stomach acid
  2. We need zinc for healthy HCl and immune system support
    1. Some food sources of zinc are egg yolks, red meats, and liver
  3. Broth is great to soothe the gut lining
    1. Jess makes broth with 2-3lbs beef bones, water, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, vinegar, and ghee. Great supply of collagen.
  4. Water is essential! It empowers the body’s natural healing processes
    1. Drink half your weight in ounces of water a day
  5. Oregano oil can be used as a natural antibiotic
  6. Garlic is a probiotic that feeds good bacteria
  7. Natural decongestant foods: chicken noodle soup (homemade bone broth), jalepeno peppers, pineapple, lemon, peppermint, cayenne, ginger, and horseradish help open sinuses
  8. Overall nutrient dense foods help support the body’s functions
  9. Limit alcohol and sugary drinks

Shelby makes whipped bone marrow (recipe by Megan Garcia) as a nutrient dense food for Tobias, it is a good source of zinc. Shelby also makes nutrient dense food ahead of time to pop in the freezer to have on hand when she knows she is going to be busy.


Gut Health 101

Immune System

Shelby’s Cold Care Blog

Thank you all again for tuning in to our podcast! We truly appreciate it. If you ever have questions or topics you would like us to cover you can email us at question@rootedmindpodcast.com

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