Episode #8-Period Reset

Life Updates

[2:08] Jessica’s story

She got her first period in high school then didn’t have one for 9 months so her doctor recommended birth control pills to regulate her cycle. Birth control pills use synthetic hormones that replace the body’s job and throw off hormone balance. She was on a “pill bleed” for 10+years. When she stopped taking birth control her body didn’t have a period on its own for 2.5 years. During that time, she was eating a standard American diet, working out 2x/day every day of the week, and not giving her body time to recover. She consulted a doctor who again put her on the pill to give her a period. It was during this time that she researched and discovered that this can be done holistically! She wanted to make lifestyle changes and get her period on her own. In October 2017 she ended the pill for the 2nd time and signed up for NTA to help her get to the underlying cause.

These are some of the changes she made and advice she has to regulate hormones:

[6:40]Focus on gut health. Everything else balances out when you take care of your gut. The gut is foundational, and everything else is a consequence (Immune, cardiovascular, hormone). Change diet from standard American to Paleo-ish. Be mindful of ingredients. Eat well without feeling restricted (like with macro counting). Fat is the building block of hormones. Listen to your body. Avoid dieting approaches that create stress because stress can be a major factor in throwing your hormones out of whack. For her, macros and counting had its place but it was a stressful. Now she is able to eat more and her body gets what it needs. Let go of fear, be in control of food decisions rather than food controlling you.

Evaluate what supplements you are taking and why. She took supplement for a few months, and stopped taking them a couple months ago. In the beginning they can help support the gut at first but maybe they aren’t needed now. It is a good idea to take digestion support when you go from no fat to lots of fat, they can help ease the transition. Coconut oil is an easy fat to break down, so if you are looking to add healthy fats into your diet, start with that.

Give your body rest. She hurt her foot a few weeks ago and was prescribed rest! For the first time in years she gave her body time to rest and recover, cutting back from exercising a few hours every day to an hour on 5-6 days of the week. She incorporated acupuncture, infrared sauna, Epsom salts baths, journaling, more sleep, and better self-care. She thinks that getting her period back could be related to letting her body rest.

Check your self-care products. Hormones take a long time to get balanced because there are so many variables, in and on our bodies. Some products to look into are safer skin care, detergent, and switching from plastic to glassware (a lot of plastics contain hormone disruptors). She also gave up coffee to support her adrenals and be in tune with her body.

Try taking CBD oil. It has shown to help with chronic inflammation and pain as well as anxiety. Managing stress is key in regulating hormones so CBD oil can help balance the body by fighting stress and anxiety with improved mood and improved sleep. She uses Ned which is a high quality, full spectrum hemp oil.

Food and stress are probably the biggest factors when it comes to hormone regulation. Don’t feel overwhelmed with all this information. Remember that for Jessica, this journey took 1.5 years. She made it into a lifestyle.

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Thank you all again for tuning in to our podcast! We truly appreciate it. If you ever have questions or topics you would like us to cover you can email us at question@rootedmindpodcast.com

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