Episode #13 Holistic Health with Clare Brady

Welcome friends!

[0:50]Introduction of Clare

[1:20] Shelby: How are you rooting your mind?

[2:10] Shelby: Can you tell our audience about your story?

[3:32] Shelby: What appeals to you about family medicine?

[5:23] Shelby: Where do you see the future of medicine going?

[6:50] Shelby: How have you kept the prevention goal in the back of your mind throughout school?

[11:23] Shelby: Do you have tips on how people can talk to their primary care physicians about making healthier changes?

[12:50] Shelby: Do you get wellness preventative training in medical school?

[16:05] Shelby: Can you tell us a little bit about your eating disorder and how you overcame that?

[20:11] Shelby: Do you still find that you have seasons where those habits and thoughts re-emerge?

[25:30] Shelby: What is the most exciting and nerve racking about completing medical school?

[27:35] Shelby: Tell us a little bit about your blog!

[32:00] Where can we follow you?

At her website fitting-it-all-in.com or follow her on Facebook or Instagram @fittingitallin

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