Episode #14 Living With Chronic Lyme Disease With Whitney Woollard

Welcome and introduction to Whitney!

[1:22] How are you rooting your mind daily?

[2:25] Can you define Lyme disease for us?

[5:45] Whitney can you tell us how you were diagnosed?

[12:20] How did you come to terms with that diagnosis and come to terms with what you are dealing with?

[16:30] Physician resources at ilads.org for Lyme literate doctors

[18:20] In your daily routine what are things that help you cope with this?

[21:44] Do you have people in your life who have downplayed your symptoms or dismissed what you are going through because they just didn’t understand?

[24:40] Advise for anyone undiagnosed with a chronic illness

[27:30] Find someone who will listen to you

[28:15] No one is an expert on you except YOU!

[29:50] How do you find hope and strength to keep going?

[34:58] What are some things you have done to take care of your mental health?

[41:00]How often do you go to therapy? And has that changed as the disease has progressed?

[45:20] Advertisement: Coleman Farms

[46:20] There are a lot of good counselors but it is about finding what you need for this season of life.

[48:28] You can’t isolate one part of the body and treat it.

[53:40] Adjustments you have to make

[54:40] Do you have any tips for people who are struggling with disease?

[62:50] Ask good questions

Connect with Whitney at http://www.whitneywoollard.com or email her at whitneywoollard@gmail.com

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