Episode #12 Contentment and Relationships

Welcome! Life Updates

[2:45] Contentment in relationships, relationship pressure

[4:30] Comparison and expectations

[5:30] Getting married young

[6:10] Are you happy and content with yourself first?

[7:45] Loving yourself allows you to contribute more in your relationship

[8:40] Don’t get caught in comparison trap!

[8:56] Advertisement: U.S. Wellness Meats

[9:52:] How do you stay connected?

[12:00] Do you feel obligated to celebrate valentine’s day?

[13:00] Love languages. Click here to do a quiz!

[15:28] Know what you want

[16:50] Advertisement: Coleman Farms

[17:48] Tips to be content

[19:40] Don’t fall into the comparison trap!!

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