Episode 1-Introductions

Meet your hosts, Jess and Shelby!!

Jess is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and helps people manage their nutritional deficiencies by making lifestyle changes. She became more invested in health when she didn’t want to take another “pill” to fix problems that could be fixed with healthier lifestyle choices. Making those changes became easier when she recognized how much better she felt. She loves fat, fat bombs, and coconut and nut butters. She enjoys a nice face mask (from Beauty Counter) and beach walks with her dogs. Most people don’t know she is an introvert and performed in dance for 11 years!

Shelby is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She has a bachelors degree in nursing and a masters in mental health. She found her passion for mental health while she was working as a nurse and really wanted to sit down and have the time to hear people’s stories. Once someone is in a stable mental place is when she likes to discuss nutrition and how that can support good mental health. Her favorite food is dark chocolate! Her favorite self-care ritual is taking a bath, with bath salts from Primally Pure. She loves reading and it helps her recharge. Shelby and her husband have 5 children.

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