Ep 27 Anxiety Be gone


[0:45] We are talking about anxiety with my friend Hannah today!

[1:30] What are you doing to root your mind?

[2:49] Could you tell us a bit about your story and your anxiety journey?

[6:58] Recognizing what isn’t healthy and also what you can’t manage on your own

[8:05] Were the feelings more frustrating or was the not knowing why you were feeling that way more frustrating?

[8:54] Anxiety is one of the more common mental health issues in kids. Do you feel like that for you it slowly built from when you were a ten-year-old kid, or is it more seasonal?

[10:34] AD: US Wellness Meats

[11:35] Was there a key moment when you decided I can’t keep doing this?

[14:05] What tools did you find helpful?

[16:30] Emotions and logic

[18:20] AD: Take Root Cafe

[19:40] Tell me more about going back to work at the coffee shop

[20:10] Family and friend support

[21:00] Is the coffee shop where your love of coffee started?

[24:45] Can you tell us about your relapse?

[30:48] AD: Coleman Farms

[31:50] Have you ever had to cut down on your coffee intake because of your anxiety?

[34:15] You mentioned a community, is there anything else you think has made a big difference in helping you get to a point where you are managing your anxiety?

[36:35] Follow Hannah on her Instagram or Blog!

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