Episode 31: Gluten Brain


[0:50] Life updates

[3:46] Understanding gluten, not just the fad

[4:15] The science

[5:45] Lectins

[7:30] Processed foods

[9:06] Gluten is a protein that acts as an adhesive substance

[9:50] It’s in self care products!

[11:30] What is gluten?

[12:10] It should be avoided by anyone with an autoimmune disease

[12:50] Leaky gut

[14:02] It’s a gradual process

[15:30] Gluten can stay in your system for weeks even after you stop eating it

[16:20] AD: Coleman Farms

[17:20] Wheat Belly

[19:50] People who cut out gluten naturally consume 300-400 less calories a day

[20:15] The psychiatric consequences

[23:00] Look for properly prepared breads if you don’t want to totally cut it out

[25:30] Don’t let food dictate your life. Are the side effects worth it??

[27:10] Start checking what ingredients are in what you eat

[28:35] We haven’t solved the hunger problem because we still lack nutrients

[30:28] Resources: Wheat Belly, Grain Brain

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