Episode 46: Special Guest Erin Simas

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Your Host: Jess

[0:50] Introduction to Erin Simas

[1:20] How do you root your mind?

[4:00] Can you tell us about your background?

[9:20] Dig into the “why” for your medications/diet

[12:20] Finding a long-term solution

[15:15] Elimination diets

[16:40] Cholesterol and hormones

[18:00] Farmers markets

[19:30] Cost isn’t as big of an issue as you may first think

[23:00] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[24:30] Peanut butter/peanuts

[25:50] Bring your own snacks to social events

[28:30] Be careful with food coaching!

[32:10] Your brain can tell you when you need fatty acids-listen when you are craving “greasy” foods

[33:00] Once your body is getting everything it needs you stop having cravings

[35:25] AD: Coleman Farms

[36:30] Why did you change your health?

[40:45] Erin: I feel the best now, after having 2 kids, than I ever have!

[42:20] Do your kids eat the same foods you eat?

[44:00] Each child is bio-individual

[45:00] Don’t let their first foods come out of a package, make real food if you can!

[46:40] Histamine overload

[48:50] Histamine can also cause developmental issues over time

[53:10] Lack of sleep can trigger issues

[54:40] Our kids watch and learn from what we are doing/eating

[56:10] Kids’ gut health is determined by the mother

[59:20] When you target the problem food and add it back in, the reaction is so much more clear

[63:00] Diet has so much control over our health

[67:20] 60% of kids have eczema

[70:15] Conventional dairy is high histamine, but raw dairy isn’t

[73:00] Know better, do better

[74:50] Waking up in the middle of the night isn’t a normal thing, it’s a sugar and liver issue

[76:40] Gallbladders

[79:00] Find Erin on Instagram @erinsimas_ or her website erinsimas.com

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