Episode 60: How to Road Trip America with Jon Simos

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!


Episode #60: How to Road Trip America with John Simos


Your Host: Jess

[0:50] Introduction to Jon Simos

[2:25] There’s a right way and a wrong way to travel 

[3:30] Jess: What are your top tips for a successful trip? 

[4:00] The wrong way: being too destination-focused 

[4:45] The right way: stopping frequently and enjoying the present moments

[5:50] Never drive at night, never drive more than 500 miles (or 8 hours) in one day

[6:25] Stop every 2 hours to stretch and switch drivers 

[7:05] Benefits of stretching frequently

[8:30] Simplifying the planning process 

[9:00] Is the trip destination-based or experience-based?

[11:00] Packing tips

[12:50] Jess: How can I find the best places to go?

[14:20] What do you want to experience and how much time do you have?

[15:45] Cumberland Island

[16:30] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[17:40] Jess: Where are your favorite destinations?

[22:05] Traveling strengthens relationships and boosts mental wellness

[22:30] Jess: Do you talk about a budget in your book?

[23:50] Bring water and healthy snacks

[26:30] Jess: What’s something you wish you would have known about traveling sooner?

[27:35] Road trips don’t have to be intimidating or expensive 

[29:05] AD:  Coleman Farms

[30:08] Jess: Did you ever drive up the 101 when you lived in California?

34:45] How to find Jon (and his book!)

How to Roadtrip America: a Modern Guide for Your Epic American Adventures; howtoroadtripamerica.com; instagram


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