Episode 62: Fitness and Exercise

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #62: Fitness and Exercise

Your host: Jess

Special guest: Jon Simos

[1:05] Introduction of Jon and today’s topic

[1:55] Jess: What’s your fitness background?

[5:35] Staying a steroid-free athlete

[7:20] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[8:26] Jess: What got you into fitness?

[9:50] What the human body is capable of

[10:45] Working out drug-free lessens chance of workout related injuries

[11:20] Jess: What is the difference between holistic performance training  and traditional performance training?

[12:07] How mindset affects training

[13:00] Bringing the mind and body together in training

[14:00] Working out with a personal trainer can be great therapy

[14:55] Jess: What’s the best way to start working out for the long-term?

[15:15] Long-term and short-term goals as motivation

[17:26] Importance of warming-up

[17:45] Easy warm-ups and what to target

[20:37] Working out twice a week can still lead to strength progress

[20:58] Health focus over just weight loss goals

[22:22] The best way to lose weight is through weight training, not just cardio

[23:07] Diversifying your workout

[24:17] Jess: Do you share your workouts on social media?

[24:47] Jess: What does your exercise routine look like?

[24:58] Why not cross-fit?

[28:48] Jon explains his cross-training program

[33:18]  Beware of over-training

[35:11] AD: Coleman Farms

[36:11] Benefits of recovery days

[37:37] Jess: What does your new course entail?

[43:43] Jess: Do you provide any virtual-coaching services?

[45:00] Jess: What do you do to root your mind?

[46:35] Mental benefits of being in the present and in the zone

[49:49] Jess: Where can we find you online?: www.jonsimos.com


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