Episode 70: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #70: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Your Host: Jess


[0:40] Introduction of special guest Jessie

[2:01]  Jess: Share with us your journey and how you found out you have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

[2:17]  Jessie: When I was young, I got sick all the time

[2:55]  Jessie: In college, I started gaining weight, losing hair, and having mood swings, all of which my doctor dismissed

[3:28] Jessie: I got put on antidepressants and they made my mood swings worse, so I took myself off of them

[3:57]  Jessie: A couple years later, I was still gaining weight and was tired constantly, but  was still un-diagnosed and put on medications and low-fat diets

[6:26] Jessie: When I met my now-husband, I started realizing that he didn’t feel as poorly as I did, and I decided to seek out answers for my health

[7:17] Jessie: I finally got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, but was given no real help on what I could do to manage the condition

[8:35] Jessie: I decided that I wouldn’t let doctors dictate how I was feeling, I was going to get that power back for myself

[8:52] Jessie: I started looking into functional medicine, dietary changes, and product changes I could make. It took a few years, but now, I feel better than I ever have, something I was told wasn’t possible

[10:12] Jess: Hashimoto’s causes the immune system to attack the thyroid; the thyroid controls hormone production

[11:00] Jess: We are in control of our health, we know our bodies and what makes us feel better or worse

[11:20] AD: US Wellness Meats

[12:21] Jess: Finding the right doctor is key

[12:45] Jessie: I went to a couple functional medicine doctors before finding the right one for me

[14:45] Jess: When you were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s did it impact how you managed your daily life?

[15:30] Jessie: Hashimoto’s made me start advocating for myself at work and finding a job that was understanding of my needs

[19:45] Jess: Tell us about your business and how it started

[20:13] Jessie: I started thinking about what was in my control

[21:31] Jessie: I wanted to create a space of encouragement, so I began the Chronically Healing Podcast and my coaching business

[24:50] AD: Take Root Cafe

[26:20] Jessie: We don’t have to let our chronic illness tell us what we cannot do

[28:08] Jess: Our illness doesn’t define us

[29:25] Jessie: I have bad days sometimes, but I don’t let myself stay down

[30:05] Jess: Can you tell us about your morning routines?

[31:45] Jessie: My morning routine actually began because I realized I felt better if I had time before work to be with my dog

[32:03] Jessie: I started meditating, and I realized it was something consistent that would lower my anxiety

[32:59] Jessie: Now, my morning routine changes around, but I ask myself: what makes me feel present and what makes me feel gratitude?

[36:20] Jess: Morning routines are so specific for each person and can be switched up

[37:54] AD: Coleman Farms

[38:53] Jess: When you started getting up earlier did you notice yourself going to bed earlier?

[38:59] Jessie: I struggled with a nightly routine

[39:30] Jessie: Finding ways to increase my quality of sleep made a huge difference for me

[40:42] Jessie: Have a reason for your morning routine

[41:54] Jess: What do you do to root your mind?

[42:09] Jessie: Therapy has brought so much emotional healing for me and changed my mental health

[47:00] Jess: Where can our listeners find you online?

[47:08] Jessie: I am chronically.healing on instagram and my podcast is Chronically Healing wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Jessie’s website is jessiefritz.com


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