Episode 71: Midwifery

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #71: Midwifery

Your Host: Shelby

Special guest: Sara

insight timer

[0:40] Introduction of special guest Sara

[1:07] Shelby: How are you rooting your mind and taking care of your mental health?

[1:20]  Sara: I’ve been connecting daily with other midwives to talk about how we’re managing the pandemic within our practices, I also have been using meditation and sleep assistant apps, like insight timer

[3:15]  Sara: Midwives and overnight workers tend to have cortisol cycles that are disrupted, so I get cortisol spikes numerous times in the night, finding tools to help manage that so I can get adequate sleep is key

[4:15] Shelby: How did you get into midwifery?

[4:20]  Sara: I’ve been interested in women’s health and wellness since my college years, especially having challenges with my own reproductive health

[4:53] Sara: In exploring natural treatments for reproductive issues and looking into natural health in wellness, I became an armchair-herbalist

[5:00] Sara: I signed up for doula training when I was working construction with an all-male crew

[5:36] Sara: After I started my own family, my former midwifery partner moved near to me, and I jumped in as her assistant, and I trained as a midwife through apprenticeship and accredited schooling

[8:17] Sara: I got my certification in 2016 and had been training with another midwife for 8 years before that

[8:39] Sara: I was in a partnership with another midwife, but now I practice solo and I make arrangements to have an assistant present for the birth

[9:28] AD: Take Root Cafe

[10:52] Shelby: What are some things that midwifery offers that traditional OB care can’t offer?

[11:17] Sara: For many, home feels safer and more comfortable for prenatal appointments and birthing

[13:10] Shelby: I always felt safe with my home birth, through the prenatal appointments to the birthing

[14:28] Shelby: I will never forget the key moments where you told me difficult truths that I needed to hear through the relationship we had built through more personal prenatal appointments

[16:01] Sara: Building a connection and trust with patients is key

[16:20] Sara: Midwifery care is all about informed choice through good communication

[17:25] Shelby: I catch myself rushing through information with patients sometimes because I forget they need time to understand and digest what I’m saying

[18:14] Sara: With the pandemic right now, I’m spending even more time talking to my patients and making sure we’re covering all our bases, which isn’t always possible in a physician’s office

[19:00] Shelby: As a culture, what do you think we could be doing to take care of moms and babies better?

[19:09] Sara: We could have more midwives and improved collaborative care

[20:37] Shelby: If we had better postpartum care through practical needs being met, I think that would make a huge difference

[22:24] Sara: Postpartum doulas and birth doulas are great options

[23:10] Sara: Physician care doesn’t offer the same schedule or postpartum care that midwifery does

[23:36] Shelby: I didn’t realize that midwives do house postpartum visits, that was so nice

[24:39] Shelby: Do you think that midwives do a better job at catching mental health problems during the entire birth span?

[27:10] AD: Coleman Farms

[28:14] Shelby: How do you rebound after a long birthing episode?

[29:55] Sara: Taking two days of clearing my schedule is ideal

[32:02] Sara: Surrender and acceptance is a huge part of any birthing process

[34:15] AD: Coleman Farms

[35:21] Shelby: Do you have any advice to share for moms?

[35:32] Sara: Rest, rest, rest.

[37:26] Shelby: Where do you practice?

[37:40] Sara: I will see patients within an hour and a half radius from my home

[38:19] Shelby: Where can our listeners find you?

[38:23] Sara: My website is homebirthnaturally.com and my email is homebirthnaturally@gmail.com



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