Episode 73: Manifestation

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #73: Manifestation

Your Host: Jess

Special Guest: Rosey

[0:45] Introduction of special guest, Rosey

[1:03] Jess: What’s your story and background?

[1:45] Rosey: It all began for me in college when I was studying abroad in Australia, I started getting anxiety for the first time, so I got really into personal growth and reading and meditating and what mindfulness means.

[3:20]  Rosey: Anxiety was a wake-up call.

[3:40] Rosey: This path has led me to meditation, yoga, life coaching, energy work, and healthy eating; it’s been a lifestyle makeover.

[4:12] Rosey:  I focus on spirituality and your thoughts. That’s what feels the most aligned with me.

[5:15] Jess: What exactly is manifestation?

[5:23] Rosey: Manifestation is when what we focus on becomes our reality.

[6:37] Rosey: The gift of manifestation is empowerment.

[8:01] Rosey: If we have a belief that is negative or that doesn’t align with us, we are going to draw that into our lives.

[9:45] Rosey: How can I use tough times to become transformed?

[9:53] AD: Take Root Cafe

[11:06] Jess: What are examples of things that people can manifest?

[11:30] Rosey: Everything is a manifestation of either things that feel good or don’t feel good; we can manifest anything.

[12:36] Rosey’s method of manifesting

[14:20] Rosey: I believe that our Creator or the universe or whatever you want to call it, is more powerful than manifestation, which means that divine timing is going to happen no matter what.

[15:58] The biggest components in manifestation

[25:00] AD: Coleman Farms

[25:55] Rosey: We have the ability to have a lot of freedom

[26:56] Rosey: We have to train ourselves to be comfortable with freedom and doing new things

[28:10] Jess: Can you talk about asking for signs from the universe?

[28:15] Rosey explains examples of asking for signs

[32:28] Rosey: We have to trust the universe more than we trust our ego

[32:50] Jess shares her experience asking the universe for a sign

[34:00] Rosey: We get the sign when we’re meant to just like we get the manifestation when we’re meant to.

[36:00] Rosey shares her experiences with asking the universe for signs

[37:10] Rosey: You know when you see your sign

[38:00] Ask for specific signs

[38:30] AD: US Wellness Meats

[39:34] Jess: Is there anything else you would recommend for anyone tapping into the world of manifestation?

[39:48] Rosey: It’s really about what feels aligned for you; energy work and meditation are very powerful for me.

[40:30] Rosey: Everyone is different, and we need different things. Tune into your soul and intuition.

[42:45] Jess: What do you do to root your mind?

[42:54] Rosey: I have got to meditate, it’s a way for me to connect with myself and my soul and my Creator.

[43:57] The benefits of meditation

[49:26] Rosey explains Reiki

[51:00] Outro

Find Rosey’s guided meditation on Insight Timer and be sure to check out her youtube channel and instagram @mylifeisrosey



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