Episode 72: Neurofeedback

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #72: Neurofeedback

Your Hosts: Jess and Shelby


[0:40] Introduction and life updates

[12:00]  AD: Take Root Cafe

[13:28] Jess: Background on brain function

[14:04]  Jess: Consciousness is self-regulated; they take place outside of our awareness.

[14:34] Jess: Through repetition, neural connections are strengthened and are more easily activated, becoming a primary behavior and an unconscious response

[15:27] Jess:  By the time a behavior reaches awareness, the behavior is more difficult to control because it’s supported by powerful unconscious forces

[15:53] Jess: The stress in modern living impacts our brain, our unconscious presents itself and becomes compromised

[16:20] Shelby: This is why mental health can be so tricky, by the time you start seeing a pattern of anxiety, for example, it has become subconscious.

[17:25] Jess: Stress manifests in many different ways; excess anxiety, guilt, communication problems, reduced work efficiency, forgetfulness, insomnia, increased alcohol and drug use. Neurofeedback can help with all these things.

[18:22] Jess: Neurofeedback is a non-treatment, it’s a tool/training, and it’s FDA approved for ADHD and anxiety.

[19:48] Jess: Neurofeedback is an advanced form of biofeedback, it gives information back to you about the activity of the brain as it’s occurring

[20:09] Jess: Neurofeedback is electrical activity that is generated by the central nervous system, its processing can be detected by sensors and displayed on monitors and shared in real time; the computer software used determines the performance and behavior of the brain and central nervous system as a whole. Neurofeedback helps the brain reorganize.

[22:16] Jess: Neurofeedback can help improve attention, focus, creativity, sense of self, joint pain, ADHD, anxiety, food cravings…so many things that humans struggle with.

[23:16] Jess: Neurofeedback can take a minimum of 10 sessions for you to see results, and 20-30 sessions is pretty typical for people to begin seeing improvements, with some people needing 40 and beyond.

[23:30] AD: US Wellness Meats

[24:38] Jess: Neurofeedback is similar to meditation as far as its effects on the brain; it’s bringing your body into a nonreactive state.

[26:03] Shelby: Who all can benefit from neurofeedback?

[26:05] Jess: I feel like everyone can benefit from neurofeedback.

[27:57] Jess: Neurofeedback is not cheap, but there’s a lot of places that offer packages since you do need several sessions to see results.

[29:25] Jess: Neurofeedback might jump start you into meditating.

[30:00] Shelby: Neurofeedback and therapy are similar in that they take time to see results because you’re teaching your brain how to operate on a different system, but the pay off is worth it.

[31:00] AD:  Coleman Farms

[32:02] Jess shares her personal journey with neurofeedback.

[36:48] Jess shares info on neurofeedback and addiction.

[39:00] Shelby: I think addiction is so hard because you have a coping skill that gets a reward. Neurofeedback gives you insight into how your brain is working, so it helps you modify that behavior or thought.

[39:41] Jess: Neurofeedback uses your own brain activity to bring the brain back into a stable state

[40:00] Outro



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