Episode 74: Get Your Shift Together with Taylor Ellis

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #74: Get Your Shift Together with Taylor Ellis

Your Host: Jess

Special Guest: Taylor

[0:45] Introduction of special guest, Taylor

[1:43] Jess: What’s your story and background?

[1:53] Taylor: I’m not just a coach that gives you a diet and work out program, I believe the mind, body, and soul are all connected. It’s never just about food or workout. It goes deeper, and I know this because of my journey.

[2:47]  Taylor shares her story

[6:35] Taylor: I really started getting obsessed with my weight in high school and severely restricted my calories. My goal weight was never enough, I just kept going.

[9:44] Taylor:  I started seeing a nutritionist and a therapist, but I lied my way through it and kept my eating disorder for quite a long time and my parents were so busy they didn’t notice.

[10:25] Taylor: When instagram started getting bigger and fitness accounts started getting bigger, I started seeing fit women and I liked that look. So I started working out with my dad and his personal trainer. It’s not just about the work outs and diet, I didn’t realize that yet, but this was my introduction to weights. I started getting strong and saw that as I ate more, I got stronger.

[11:49] Taylor: In college, I turned to alcohol to numb some of my pain. I had a scary moment that made me never touch alcohol again. I needed a change.

[12:45] Taylor: I found a health coach that aligned with me. I was tired of living with my eating disorder. After that, I never restricted my calories again. I never binged again. I found balance.

[14:55] Taylor: As a sophomore in college, I decided I wanted to be a personal trainer. I wanted to teach women what it feels like to be strong.

[15:43] Taylor: After I graduated college with my degree in Psychology, I became a personal trainer at a gym, but I wasn’t able to connect with clients there like I wanted, so I quit and started training clients at my home gym.

[17:08] Taylor: My Instagram started picking up and I shared my journey there. I realized I could be an online coach and teach people about more than just workouts.

[18:00] AD: Take Root Cafe

[19:23] Taylor: In January 2019 I realized the romantic relationship I was in was not healthy. I was in a very emotionally abusive relationship. I signed on with a life coach who helped me break off that relationship. She helped me get my voice back. I moved to Denver all by myself. I never thought I was capable of doing all that.

[22:03] Taylor: It’s not about food, it’s not about work out. You got to figure out what else is going on. So I often ask clients what their first experience with dieting was. For me, it started when I was 15, and it stemmed from lies I believed about calories and cardio.

[22:33] Taylor: My program is called the Get Your Shift Together Academy; I want you to be able to separate the truth from the BS, and shift your mindset.

[23:15] Taylor: You are called to be a specific woman: let’s find her and let’s bring her out so the world can see her.

[24:00] Jess: Diet culture focuses so much on less calories and more work out, and it can be really hurtful to our mental health.

[24:33] Jess: A mental makeover is key to flourishing

[25:21] Taylor: My main goal with potential new clients is making sure they feel aligned with me.

[26:28] Taylor: I think some of the best coaches are the ones that are a few steps ahead of you; that have been where you are. Never sign on with a coach you don’t feel aligned with.

[27:06] Jess: I started my mental health journey about 7 months ago, I never realized certain things were holding me back.

[27:38] AD: US Wellness Meats

[28:40] Jess: You said you saw a therapist when you were younger and that you were able to lie your way through. Did you reap any benefits from therapy then?

[28:50] Taylor: Unfortunately no, and it was because she just wasn’t the right fit for me. I was 16 and didn’t really have a say on who my therapist was, though.

[29:33] Taylor: I strongly believe everyone should have a therapist or coach or mentor in multiple areas of our life. I have a fitness and health coach, a mentor coach, and a business coach.

[29:48] The need for human connections and being able to enjoy life

[31:31] Taylor: Instead of all or nothing, think of always something. So if you’re on vacation and can’t do all your regular eating/exercise things. just focus on little things you can do; be mindful. Be adaptable and present.

[33:44] Taylor talks about the importance of nurturing individual clients’ needs.

[37:17] AD: Coleman Farms

[38:18] Jess: What’s one action step someone can take today to become their best self?

[38:35] Taylor: Get real with yourself; ask yourself the hard questions. Why are these my goals? Why don’t I feel confident? What type of woman do I want to be? How does she show up?

[40:25] Jess: “Why” is a question we need to be asking for everything relating to our health. Such as: Why am I not getting a cycle? Why am I always getting headaches?

[41:25] Taylor: You are not alone. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. We are so much stronger as a community.

[44:21] Taylor: Surrender was my word for 2019. Every hardship I’ve ever been through I’ve had to surrender. I

[45:15] Jess: How do you root your mind?

[45:25] Taylor: My morning routine is very important to me

[47:24] Taylor: We have control. Not of every situation, but of how we respond to it.

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