Episode 76: Social Media Detox

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Your hosts: Jess and Shelby

Episode #76: Social Media Detox


[0:40] Introduction and life updates

[9:00] Quarantine has fed into heavier social media usage, for better and worse

[9:45] Shelby shares what she’s learned from taking 2 weeks off from social media

[10:52] Shelby: I deleted youtube, facebook, and instagram off of my phone, but I found that I was still spending between 3-4 hours on my phone

[12:00] Shelby: I realized I was really uncomfortable with being bored or being still.

[12:26] Shelby: I started journaling and praying and feeling my emotions, and I made some significant breakthroughs when it came to understanding myself better

[14:07] Shelby shares what emotions she was able to sort through due to less screen time

[14:37] Shelby: People don’t want to have actual conversations on social media

[15:07] Shelby explains why conversations on social media regarding tough subjects  aren’t a great idea

[15:52] Confirmation bias and how it manifests

[16:37] People change when they’re in relationship with other people

[19:34] Jess shares finding the balance in social media and real-life conversations/relationships

[23:11] Jess: Social media can be very problematic or very enlightening

[23:23] If social media is used well, it’s beneficial

[23:30] The importance of setting boundaries around social media

[24:23] What people say online is often very different from what they would say in face-to-face conversations

[25:00]  Don’t get lost in all the voices in social media

[26:51] Shelby summarizes 3 tips surrounding social media

[28:42] Shelby announces her screen time/social media challenge

[29:45] Outro


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Visit Shelby’s website and instagram to join in her upcoming screen time challenge!


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