Episode 52: Self-Growth in Relationships

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #52: Self-Growth in Relationships

Your host: Jess and Shelby



[0:45] Introduction and life updates

[5:40] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[6:50] Many challenges we face in relationships come from our childhood

[7:05] We have patterns we were raised with that can carry over into how we interact with our partners

[7:15] The brain might seek out unhealthy relationships in an attempt to deal with past traumas

[8:25] If you have deep insecurity or are a people-pleaser, it can be very hard to have a healthy relationship

[8:50] A healthy relationship is made up of two autonomous individuals with their own goals and ambitions that come together to form a healthy bond

[9:08] You are not completed by another person; that is co-dependence

[9:30] We have to work on our own issues so we can show up in a relationship with our own strength and wholeness

[9:45] As we work through our personal problems, we should share that with our partner

[10:12] Shelby describes finding herself within the context of marriage

[10:48] It is not our partner’s job to “fix” us

[11:15] It is our partner’s job to support us

[11:40] Getting to our core issues takes time

[13:05] Realizing that we don’t have to have trauma in our childhood to experience issues in adulthood

[14:40] Realizing our parents weren’t perfect

[16:40] Growing individually in relationships

[17:18] Advice on having a partner that seems resistant to change

[19:00] You have control over half of your relationship; what change can YOU bring?

[19:30] AD: Take Root Cafe

[20:55] Being comfortable with setting boundaries

[21:35] Realizing limits within specific relationships and lowering expectations

[22:50] Don’t get into relationships out of loneliness

[23:13] If you aren’t comfortable with yourself, you’re not going to be able to be comfortable in a relationship

[24:45] There is nothing wrong with being single

[25:00] Don’t let cultural pressures force you into seeking out a relationship

[25:40] Outro


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