Episode 53: Special Guest Cat Mulvihill

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #53: Special Guest Cat Mulvihill

Your host: Jess

Special Guest: Cat Mulvihill


[0:45] Introduction of special guest, Cat

[1:35] Jess: Can you tell our listeners what you do and how you got into your work?

[1:45] Cat: I’m a personal development coach and a nutritional therapy practitioner: I work with people to help them uncover the hidden reasons they’re having trouble staying consistent in developing healthier habits

[2:15] Cat describes the difficulties of hidden mechanisms that hold us back

[3:05] Jess: How do you approach helping people uncover their health barriers?

[3:20] Cat gives her 3 tiers of guidance: access to good information, understanding of self, mindset work

[5:10] The psychological immune system and how it can hold us back

[7:28] Fear is a common road block to our health

[8:20] The three levels of fear: fear of unknown, fear of losing what you have, fear of not getting what you want

[9:00] Importance of self-compassion

[10:30] Jess: What are difficult challenges we can encounter in getting to where we want to be with our health?

[10:50] Cat: Are you ready to do the work to meet your health goals? Are you ready to explore what’s holding you back?

[11:40] The follow-up work and how it affects us

[12:17]  Three tools we can use to move forward: challenging our confirmation bias, considering other people and exploring their mindset, testing our assumptions

[14:00] Cat challenges the assumption that healthy eating is boring

[14:50] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[15:55] Cat explains immunity to change

[16:32] Technical challenge VS adaptive challenge

[17:30] Fears of failure

[18:40] Dislike of feeling restricted

[19:30] What are beliefs that I need to challenge?

[21:50] What is keeping me from forming new habits?

[22:37] What’s holding me back? How can I take action?

[23:20] Cat discusses habit techniques and tools

[25:45] Cat discusses challenging her belief that food prep is tedious and not worth it

[26:50] Testing the belief that eating out is quicker than cooking food at home

[30:02] Jess: Seeing the difference in numbers can really be motivating and puts things in perspective

[30:40] AD: Take Root Cafe

[32:15] Jess: What would you recommend for continuous momentum?

[32:40] Cat: Changing our mindset takes time, but looking back on our progress is encouraging

[34:47] Self compassion brings so much inner peace and strength

[36:00] Cat describes the Four Tendencies Framework

[40:38] Turning our inner expectation into outer expectation

[42:30]  Cat talks about the Enneagram Personality Frame Work

[45:50] Searching internally instead of externally for growth

[46:45] Jess: Do you have advice for how people can meet their new year’s resolutions?

[47:08] Cat shares her 5 steps for succeeding in new year’s resolutions: making sure that your goal is YOUR goal, focusing on actions or behaviors required for the outcome you want, use habit research to create habit hacks, work with your tendencies, identify mindset road blocks

[51:50] Cat shares content she’s created to help you get unstuck

[53:06] Jess: What do you do to root your mind?

[53:20] Cat shares how meditation has impacted her

[57:57] Outro


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U.S. Wellness Meats: U.S. Wellness Meats was founded in 2000 in Monticello, Missouri (pop. 98) by visionary farmers, who saw that big-business cattle-raising practices were taking a toll on our animals and our health. By returning to rotational grazing practices that are good for the planet and good for our cattle, we led the way in introducing a new generation to the unmatched taste, tenderness, and healthiness of grass-fed beef. Click here to shop. Use code “Grassland” to save 15% off your order.



Take Root Cafe:  Our mission is to alleviate hunger and promote health by offering nourishing, high quality, local food on a pay-what-you-can basis. We are changing the way people eat and interact with their food. Take Root is joining over 60 other cafes in the U.S. dedicated to ending hunger in our nation.


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