Episode 40: Toxins 101

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #40: Toxins 101

Your hosts: Jess and Shelby


[0:40] Intro and life updates

[5:58] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[7:15] Intro to toxins

[8:07] Results of toxin exposure

[8:50]  We spend approximately 87% of our time indoors, with an additional 5-6% in our cars, which leads to just 7-8% of our time being spent outdoors. We need to think about the chemicals we might be exposed to in our homes

[9:45] Wordwide the number of chemicals in commerce is between 100,000-150,000. However, not all these chemicals are bad

[11:17] TSCA, passed in the US in 1976, takes a “safe until proven unsafe” approach for chemicals

[12:15] There are 86,000 chemicals registered for use in the US. 62,000 of those chemicals were grandfathered in, meaning they were deemed safe at the passing of TSCA. Out of those 62,000, only 200 of them were tested. Out of those 200, only 5 were restricted or banned.

[13:15] Banned or restricted chemicals are still found to be contaminants in products

[14:00] Studies and testing of chemicals are often done on rodents for a span of 90 days

[14:35] CDC reports over 200 manmade chemicals found in sawdust

[14:45] Exposure to toxic substances can start in the womb

[16:18] It can take decades to phase out toxic chemicals

[17:07] The government has no power to remove harmful products from the marketplace

[18:11] Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living App allows you to search harmful ingredients to see what’s in your beauty products

[19:00] Looking forward to a day where less-tox products are less expensive and more readily available

[19:30] AD: Coleman Farms

[20:35] Making lower tox swaps doesn’t have to be overwhelming or super expensive

[22:50] Ways to advocate for better regulations surrounding personal care products

[25:32] Baby steps are still steps towards living healthier

[25:55] Jess shares future episode ideas surrounding less-tox options

[26:05] Outro



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