Episode 36: Self Defense and Mental Health

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode 36: Self Defense and Mental Health

Your host: Shelby

Special guest: Twila Schuler


[0:45] Intro

[1:02] Shelby: How do you root your mind?

[1:10] Twila: My relationship with Christ and renewing my mind day by day is key

[1:34] Twila shares the story of her son, Zack, and his battle with cancer

[15:00] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[16:03] Shelby: God doesn’t promise us an easy, happy life, he promises us hope

[17:08] Twila: I look back and see the grace of God in my life, and that sustains me

[17:40] Shelby: How did you get into martial arts?

[17:53] Twila shares her martial arts journey

[19:57] Twila: I wanted my students to know effective self-defense

[20:31] Twila: I’ve been training in jujitsu for about 9 years

[20:57] Shelby: What makes jujitsu unique?

[21:10] Twila: Jujitsu relies on controlling the opponent, even if the opponent is stronger than you

[22:27] Shelby: What are some of the benefits of jujitsu?

[22:47] Twila: Learning the indicators of a bad guy, and looking for warning signs and learning how to set a strong boundary; if our verbal boundaries are violated, we have the physical skills to back it up

[24:06] Shelby shares how jujitsu has given her extra confidence and helped her feel more prepared

[24:45] Twila: When you’re competent in the physical abilities to defend yourself, then comes the confidence that can change your whole world

[25:17] Shelby: How has the discipline of jujitsu impacted other areas of your life?

[25:35] Twila shares the correlations between physical battles and spiritual battles

[28:57] Shelby: Where can our listeners find you?

[29:45] Outro

Rising Son Karate/Self-Defense


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