Episode 77: Shelby’s Birth Story

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #77: Shelby’s Birth Story

Your hosts: Jess and Shelby


[0:40] Intro and life updates

[4:02] Shelby shares her backstory  and struggle with infertility

[5:32] Shelby: We went from no kids to 5 kids in 18 months

[5:50] Shelby: I really wanted at least one more child after I had Tobias

[6:38] Shelby: Just before Tobias turned 2, I found out I was pregnant

[7:22] Shelby: Sara, the midwife I used with my first birth, was available to be my midwife this time around

[8:15] Shelby: My due date was in April before school was out for the summer, so I was excited for extra one-on-one time with baby Hannah while the kids were still at school. Little did I know that COVID would change that

[8:55] Shelby: I was really impatient for Hannah to get here

[9:35] Shelby: My midwife had figured out that Hannah was turned wrong, so we did things to encourage her to move

[10:27] Shelby calls the midwife

[10:35] Shelby: My labor started 5 hours earlier and when my midwife checked me I was only at a 4

[11:07] Shelby: I started getting performance anxiety

[11:33] Shelby: My midwife used a technique used in South America; she wrapped a scarf around my belly and shimmied it to encourage Hannah to get into the right position

[12:10] Shelby: My midwife checked me again and I was at a 7; she told me that it was time to break my water

[12:50] Shelby: As soon as my midwife broke my water, a contraction came too, and it was incredibly painful

[13:40] Shelby: I got into the tub and felt like it was time to start pushing; I reached up and felt Hannah’s head

[14:18] Shelby: From the time my midwife broke my water to the time it was time to push, it had only been 45 minutes, which is why I think the pain had been so intense

[14:40] Shelby: Within 2-3 pushes, I had crowned her, and it only took about 2-3 more pushes for her head to be out

[15:07] Shelby: Overall, my birth didn’t really take that long, it was just very intense at the end

[15:31] Shelby: I got to cut the umbilical cord this time around

[15:55] Shelby: As soon as I got her out, I started feeling some dread because I knew how hard the postpartum period is. I felt very overwhelmed. All the emotions from the quarantine and childbirth were very stressful

[16:51] Shelby: Tobias had a hard time adjusting to Hannah

[17:23] Shelby: There is so much processing and change that comes postpartum

[17:33] Shelby: I had to give myself space to feel what I was feeling; talking with my therapist helped so much with all my emotions

[18:37] Shelby shares her struggle with breastfeeding Hannah

[19:08] Shelby: Every time Hannah would nurse, I was in really bad pain

[19:30] Shelby: I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s Syndrome in my breast tissue; it makes breastfeeding really painful

[20:15] Shelby: I took medication to help with the pain, but it was giving me really bad headaches and pumping was painful. So I decided to stop breastfeeding/pumping cold turkey, and that was not fun

[21:46] Shelby: I’m still processing the grief of things not going according to plan with breastfeeding, but I realized it was going to be much healthier for me mentally to stop trying to breastfeed. It wasn’t what was best for us at that time. And now, she’s doing great on formula.

[22:23] Shelby: Dr. Bridget Young has amazing resources for finding the right formula for your baby

[23:00] Shelby shares her biggest learned lessons from this journey: don’t cling to external validation; don’t downplay your emotions; know that at some points, you are going to disappoint your children

[24:40] Shelby: I used Kate’s Postpartum Grace Guide and it was so helpful and reminded me that I am not alone

[25:50] Shelby: the perimeter I’ve adopted for motherhood is just to show up, and hopefully I’ll show up a little stronger each new day

[26:44] Don’t compare your birth/postpartum journey to anyone else’s

[27:40] Remember that you are not alone

[28:03] Taking care of yourself is holy work; when you feel good and are able to show up, your kids benefit from that

[28:18] Outro



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