Episode 78: Money Mindset

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #78: Money Mindset

Your hosts: Jess and Shelby


[0:45] Intro and life updates


[7:32] Money is a top cause of stress


[8:06] Stress over finances has been associated with increased suicide rates and is a top cause of divorce


[8:30] Misconceptions surrounding debt


[8:55] Shelby’s opinions on debt


[14:01] Practicing gratitude can lead to less spending 


[14:50] Jess: When I put myself on a budget, I realized how much I had been spending just to fill a void


[15:20] Being mindful of how you spend


[16:00] Getting to the root emotions that are driving us to buy things


[17:41] What can get us into a place of balance?


[18:20] When you practice gratitude, you become a grateful person


[18:35] Comparison leads to discontentment, no matter how much money you have


[19:20] Wealth doesn’t equal happiness  


[22:12] The average American carries around $38,000 in consumer debt


[22:52] Shelby: Proactively saving can lead to a lot more contentment


[23:18] Shelby shares her three practical steps to financial stability 


[26:50] Shelby shares resources her family uses to budget


[27:32] Our behavior drives our spending habits


[28:31] Jess: I’m happier now making less money than when I was making more money because I’m doing what I enjoy


[29:30] Shelby: One positive aspect of quarantine during this pandemic is that more people are saving money


[30:05] Shelby: Culturally, maybe we can shift to more gratitude instead of more instant gratification 


[31:15]  Importance of women becoming financially empowered


[32:07] More women are becoming business owners and finding ways to balance having a family and a career in a way that works for them


[33:07] Jess: There is so much more to life than the 9 to 5 job


[33:17] Outro 


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