Special Guest Kierstin Cifelli

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #47: Special Guest Kierstin Cifelli

Special guest: Kierstin

Your host: Jess

[0:40] Introduction of Kierstin

[1:10] Jess: How do you root your mind?

[1:18] Kierstin: I always come back to journaling

[3:00] Benefits of brain-dumping

[3:55] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[5:00] Jess: Can you share your journey with us?

[5:19] Kierstin shares her story

[5:30] Kierstin: When I was 15 I went on birth control to help control my PMS moodiness

[6:45] Kierstin: I lost some weight in college and lost my period; when I gained the weight back, I got my period back

[7:55] Kierstin: I hired a coach two years later to help train me for a bikini competition; I lost a lot of weight rapidly again and lost my period again

[8:40] Kierstin: I was so happy that I had lost weight and was doing all these competitions that I didn’t care about anything else and I wasn’t listening to my body

[11:08] Kierstin: I finally went off birth control to see if my period would return. It didn’t.

[11:52] Kierstin: I dove into research about getting my period back this past year

[13:09] Kierstin: My OB/GYN told me I wasn’t getting my period because I’m a lean and healthy athlete, but I realized that there’s not a reason that an athlete shouldn’t be getting a period

[14:20] Kierstin: This summer I started demanding more answers so my doctor ordered tests and blood work

[15:30] Kierstin: One of  the nurses told me I probably just had PCOS

[16:15] Kierstin: My doctor suggested hormone replacement therapy because they found that a few hormone levels were low

[16:50] Kierstin: I was listening to a podcast later that same day and there was a guest who had Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Her story aligned with me 100%

[17:40] Kierstin: I found a book called No Period, Now What? It was everything I needed.

[18:00] Kierstin: I cut out heavy exercise and ate at least 2,500 calories a day. I was scared, I didn’t want to gain weight, but I also wanted to get better, so I went all in

[19:15] Kierstin: Within a month of implementing those changes, I got my period back

[20:41] Jess: What would you tell someone who needs to cut back on exercise? That it’s ok to cut back?

[21:00] Kierstin: I would tell them that they need to read or listen to stories of women that have gone through the same things that you have

[21:45] Kierstin: Reading about women that overcame what I wanted to overcome was so helpful to me

[22:30] AD: Coleman Farms

[23:30] Jess: Are you working out now that you’ve gotten your period back?

[24:00] Kierstin: Since I got my period back so quickly, I figured I was pretty close to being where I needed to be. After I got my second period, I started introducing more exercise. Now, I don’t want to hit the gym more than 4 times a week. I’m just listening to my body. I use my period as a barometer for my health.

[26:20] When you’re not getting a period, you’re more likely to develop osteoporosis and certain cancers

[27:40] Jess: What are the food choices you made when upping your calorie intake?

[28:10] Kierstin: I was kind of all over the place, honestly. For so long I hadn’t allowed myself to eat certain things, so I allowed myself to eat what I wanted for a period of time

[30:45] Kierstin: It was freeing to allow myself to eat what I wanted during that time. There’s more to health than just healthy eating

[31:45] Jess: Where are you at now with the mental side of your journey since you’ve met your physical goals?

[32:20] Jess: It’s still a process. Sometimes I have a hard time looking in the mirror. Other times, I remember that I’m healthy and have energy. I think having the right support is key. I was very vocal on my instagram with my journey, so that helped a lot. Since I had to gain weight to get healthy, it was important to be open and honest with that

[34:50] When you get to a new weight, get new clothes that you feel great in

[36:30] Benefits of not obsessing over weight and image

[38:00] Jess: Did you have any symptoms earlier that you didn’t realize at the time or was it just not getting your period?

[38:34] Kierstin: I think I had so many symptoms for so long that I didn’t even realize they were symptoms. I was tired and had brain-fog. I also had really bad dandruff and an itchy scalp. I was part of an HA group on facebook and found that that was a symptom with others as well.

[41:11] Listen to your symptoms

[41:45] Our body is a complete system

[42:18] Kierstin: HA is not going to just be treated by looking at the reproductive system

[43:48] You’re in health and wellness and have clients, what does your work include?

[44:05] Kierstin: I specialize in helping petite women (under 5’4″) using my Fun-Size-Formula; it’s a wellness practice

[45:20] Jess: Where can our listeners find you?

[45:30] Kierstin: You can find my on instagram at funsize.nutrition  and my website is kierstincifelli.com

[45:45] Outro


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