Episode 48: Special Guest Berri Berrion

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Your host: Jess

Special Guest: Berri Berrion

[0:45] Introduction

[1:30] Berri: I am a period coach and energy healer

[1:48] Jess: What do you do to root your mind?

[1:54] Berri shares her breathing and morning routines

[3:52] Jess: Can you tell our listeners more about the spiritual side of our cycles and periods?

[4:06] Berri shares the law of gender (masculine and feminine energy) and cycles being aligned with the moon

[5:43] Jess: What does it mean if we’re not in sync with the moon?

[5:49] Hormonal imbalances and societal pressures

[6:44] The moon and its effect on cycles

[7:57] Jess: What are the four phases of our cycles?

[8:04] Berri shares the four cycle phases

[8:15] Menstruation

[8:30] Good energy/plan your month

[8:55] Ovulation window

[9:19] PMS phase

[10:27] Berri shares what she works on during each cycle phase

[12:30] Berri: As women, we’re naturally in a rhythmic flow, but we can get distracted in modern life

[13:06] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[14:20] Jess: How do you keep balanced when you have to be social or travel during phases where you need more solitude?

[14:30] Berri: I think we can learn a lot just by observing and stepping back and understanding we don’t always have to speak

[16:08] Prioritize health over hustle

[16:50] Scientific/Spiritual

[17:25] Chakras

[18:35] Energetic trauma

[20:06] Berri: I feel like if we can heal our spirit, then everything else will follow

[20:41] Berri shares her story

[25:50] AD: Take Root Cafe

[27:20] Jess: Do you address the root chakra first, before any other chakra, no matter what the symptom?

[27:55] Starting where the pain is

[29:10] Berri’s Chakra Test

[29:24] Where are you the most unhappy?

[30:14] Guided meditations and affirmations

[30:30] Increase your yellow food intake

[30:47] Journaling

[31:15] Berri: There’s power of getting things out onto paper

[32:44] The power of vulnerability

[33:16] Women are creators

[34:25] Jess: Do you wear crystals everyday?

[34:30] Berri: Every day

[35:36] Berri: There’s a taboo around crystals and energy, but I feel like that’s what is missing from society

[38:30] The four tendencies

[40:30] Jess: What is your advice for anyone on the journey to better understand their periods and feminine energy cycle?

[40:46] Berri: Understand the phases of your cycle first

[41:40] Jess: I feel like whenever there is a full moon, I can’t sleep. Do you know why that is?

[41:45] Berri shares her opinions on full moons and rest

[43:35] Understanding feminine energy

[44:28] Jess: Where can our listeners find you?

[45:40] Outro


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