Episode 49: Special Guest Kate Markovitz on Motherhood and the Postpartum Period

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #49: Motherhood and the Postpartum Period

Special guest: Kate

Your host: Shelby

[0:45] Intro

[1:43] Kate: I’m a holistic nutritionist and I am diving into helping new moms

[2:25] Kate: I have zero interest in being a parenting expert, I’m here to connect and support and share

[4:26] Kids need to be able to express their emotions

[5:17] Give yourself mom-credit when credit is due

[5:43] Practice letting emotions flow through you

[6:17] Kids are often simply testing boundaries to find proper ways to respond to their emotions

[7:45] Differentiating between parenting your children’s behaviors VS trying to manage your children’s emotions

[8:30] Shelby shares how she lets her toddler process his anger

[10:05] Kate: I try to model healthy ways to show anger

[11:05] Shelby: If I can work on myself, then I can be a better parent

[12:07] Learning how to ask for help

[12:24] Realizing that it takes a village

[13:25] Kate: It’s such a relief when you realize that you’re not the only person who is capable of taking care of your child

[13:40] AD: Take Root

[14:45] Realizing your limits as a parent

[16:58] As a parent, you get to walk through hard emotions and moments with your kids

[18:45] Shelby: Do you, as a parent, have ways that help you express your big emotions?

[18:50] Kate: Writing really helps me process my emotions

[20:05] Kate: I like working out, but I’ve had to change the way I exercise after being pregnant

[20:33] Shelby: I’m learning how to sit in silence to identify how I’m feeling

[23:04] Shelby: Tell us about your journal

[23:08] Kate: I have a journal/coloring book called The Postpartum Grace Guide

[23:46] Kate: Situations can be different, but the postpartum struggle is very similar for many moms

[24:50] Kate shares her struggle with postpartum depression/anxiety

[28:12] Motherhood is equally joyful and difficult

[29:04] Kate describes the inspiration and research that went into building her Postpartum Grace Guide

[32:56] AD: U.S. Wellness Meats

[34:09] Shelby: I’m excited to use your guide as a tool to help me stay grounded and in the moment while processing all my emotions

[35:11] Motherhood can feel repetitive

[35:41] Kate: The Guide is meant to only take 5-10 minutes each day

[36:34] Shelby: If you were to give a word of wisdom to moms in the postpartum period, what would you say?

[36:58] Kate: Take a deep breath and feel your feelings; it’s okay to not be okay

[38:04] Take each day for what it is

[38:25] Shelby: I found that I reached a point where I finally felt confident as a mom; it took time, but I got there

[39:35] Kate: I didn’t let people know I was struggling postpartum. I had to learn to let people in

[41:35] Being confident in your parenting style

[42:17] What works for one child might not work for another

[43:06] Shelby boosts the giveaway of the Postpartum Grace Guide

[43:18] Shelby: Where can our listeners find you?

[43:58] Use code ROOTEDMIND for 10% off your order at motherhoodgrace.com

[44:04] Outro


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