Episode 81: Vitamin D

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #81: Vitamin D

Your host: Jess and Shelby

[0:45]  Intro and life updates

[8:10] Vitamin D and setting your body up for success

[8:42] Vitamin D is produced in our kidneys

[9:00] Vitamin D is important in bone health, immune health, hormone function, and our cardiovascular health

[9:25] Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties and fights depression

[9:43] Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

[10:54] Shelby: I live far enough north where most people are probably vitamin D deficient

[11:26] Shelby: If you don’t stock up on UVB rays during the summer months, it’s very easy to plummet in the winter and suffer from seasonal depression disorder

[12:28] Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin

[12:35] Importance of the right diet to support vitamin D production and absorption

[14:30] Low vitamin D is tied to liver diseases

[15:25] Vitamin D can boost weight loss

[15:40] Obesity has increased risk of vitamin D deficiency

[16:13] Ways to increase vitamin D intake

[16:56] Vitamin D rich foods

[18:32] Appropriate supplements

[19:18] Checking your levels before worrying about supplementation

[19:46] Know your body and pay attention to your symptoms

[19:53] When it comes to supplements, start with food

[20:15] Outro

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