Episode 82: Minding Your Mental Health

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #82: Minding Your Mental Health

Your host: Jess and Shelby

[0:45]  Intro and life updates

[8:02] Getting rid of excuses that keep you from caring for your mental health

[9:00] Growth is circular, not linear

[9:30] Caring for our mental health is our personal responsibility

[9:50] Anxiety cycle

[10:45] You’re not “just a mom”

[11:20] Recognizing your value as a person, not just as a parent

[11:40] Children of parents who have untreated mental illness are more at risk for mental illness themselves, as well as poorer academic performance

[12:15] It takes bravery to confront trauma, but the benefits are worth it

[12:30] Everyone can benefit from counseling, not just those with a diagnosable mental illness

[13:20] Jess: We pick up our habits and mindsets from what we see modeled in childhood

[14:30] Shelby: Our psyche is only able to look and deal with certain things when it feels safe

[14:40] It is not weak to seek therapy or a mentor to help you process your emotions and feelings

[15:35] Shelby: Culturally, we’ve shifted away from taking care of ourselves

[16:54] Shelby: I think that addressing mental health is the first step in taking care of our overall physical health

[18:25] The importance of loving yourself and letting go of guilt/negativity

[19:51] Getting past the fear of seeking mental health help

[20:45] Shelby: Find a counselor that you like; find someone you connect with and that you feel safe with

[22:55] Breaking the myth of becoming an inpatient against your will

[24:50] Studies show that moms are often reluctant to share symptoms of mental illness because they’re afraid of losing their child[ren]; breaking the stigma of mental health treatment can help with this fear

[26:13] Shelby: As soon as you become pregnant, find a counselor that can help you throughout your motherhood journey; having someone that knows you will make postpartum depression/anxiety treatment a lot more accessible if needed

[28:04] Jess: Investing in your mental health touches every aspect of your life

[28:50] When you’re less stressed, you’re more productive and have more energy

[30:55] Shelby: A lot of counselors do a free initial consultation to see if it’s a good fit; google counselors, ask around, take the steps necessary to find a mental health professional near you

[31:28] Shelby shares tips for being proactive about your mental health

[33:55] Shelby shares her upcoming webinar

[34:15] Outro

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