Episode 83: Sleep Solutions with Sleep Consultant Eva Klein

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #83: Sleep Solutions with Sleep Consultant Eva Klein

Your host: Shelby

Your guest: Eva

[0:45]  Intro and life updates

[1:20] Shelby: What do you do to root your mind?

[1:30] Eva: To root my mind, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal

[2:20] Shelby and Eva talk about how practicing gratitude changes our brain

[3:49] Shelby: What’s your story and how did you become a sleep consultant?

[4:15] Eva shares her story and background

[5:00] Eva: My first baby was so easy, sleep was her thing; my second had a much different temperament and sleep was NOT her thing, so I had to look into books on sleep

[6:00] Eva: I was able to, on my own, get my second daughter to sleep 3 to 4 hour stretches instead of 90 minute stretches, which made me realize I could use the rest of my maternity leave to become a trained and certified sleep consultant and launch a side business

[7:00] Eva: The side business of sleep consulting became the main hustle. I don’t currently practice law, I am doing my sleep consulting business full time

[9:14] Shelby: What does a sleep consultant do?

[9:20] Eva: I help exhausted parents get their baby sleeping so that they can feel human again

[9:28] Eva shares info on her online coaching program

[9:40] Misconceptions about sleep training

[9:55] Staying ahead of sleep regressions and pitfalls

[10:40] Shelby: What are some of your top tips for parents when it comes to improving their baby’s sleep?

[10:50] Eva: Tip number 1: make sure that they don’t get overtired

[17:35] Eva: Tip number 2: Create an optimal sleep environment

[21:48] Eva talks about sleep regressions and why they happen

[25:15] Tip number 3: Show your baby how to fall asleep on their own

[26:15] Eva: Crying it out is not the only method to sleep training. Most people who want my help are looking for alternatives to Cry It Out, and I tell them there are multiple ways to get to the same endpoint that allows them to be much more present with their babies while still showing them how to fall asleep independently

[28:36] Eva: We can use approaches that allow parents to be in the room and pick their babies up during the process

[29:10] If baby sleeps better, baby is going to feel better

[29:33] Your baby will benefit from you sleeping

[29:59] Eva: We, as moms, forget that taking care of ourselves is, in essence, taking care of our babies

[30:22] Shelby: What do you recommend for your clients if they’re feeling guilty for wanting and needing more sleep?

[30:30] Eva: I tell them they have to kick the Mom Guilt to the curb; sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic human need. A necessity. There’s a reason that sleep-deprivation is a form of torture. Don’t be hard on yourself. Even if your baby is content on little sleep and you’re working on their sleep so you can get restorative rest, it’s going to benefit them for you to be well-rested and feel your best. Your baby benefits from you being happy.

[32:47] Shelby: I think the self-sacrificing method of saying “I’m going to stop doing anything for myself” can show our kids inappropriate coping skills

[33:21] Eva: My kids are my world, but I still have strict boundaries around my own needs

[34:26] Shelby: What are good sleeping cues for babies?

[34:40] Eva talks about the importance of bedtime routines

[36:26] Bedtime routines don’t have to be elaborate

[36:55] Shelby: What are your opinions on swaddling?

[37:00] Eva: For newborns, it’s great.

[37:15] Eva talks more about swaddling

[38:32] Shelby: Do you recommend a sleep sack for older babies?

[38:40] Eva: I don’t recommend any certain brand of sleep sack, the main thing is finding one with an appropriate thickness for the temperature of their room

[40:32] Shelby: Where can our audience find you online?

[40:45] Eva shares her platforms

[41:25] Babies need a lot more sleep than we often realize

[41:45] Outro

Download Eva’s infant/toddler sleep chart!

Find Eva at mysleepingbaby.com and on instagram

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