Episode 84: Overcoming Overwhelm

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Your hosts: Jess and Shelby

Episode #84: Overcoming Overwhelm

[0:40] Introduction and life updates

[5:18] Shelby: Shifting slowly out of complete quarantine into a more normal routine has been overwhelming

[5:52] Overwhelm and feeling defeated is common among moms

[6:10] Shelby shares tips to not becoming overwhelmed

[6:15] Avoid making a huge to-do list; prioritize three tasks to complete first

[6:55] Take a break for real rest

[7:15] The importance of rest, recharging, and doing things you enjoy

[9:33] Shelby: I like to go, go, go, and it can be hard for me to rest. I have to remind myself that my worth is not tied to what I get done in a day

[11:26] It’s okay to struggle and be frustrated, just don’t let it put you in a place of anger and defeat

[12:19] Give yourself space to feel your emotions

[13:30] Make your to-do list with some quick wins (making your bed, for example) to build momentum

[14:04] Organize list into three categories, [“Need to get done”, “Would be nice to get done”, “not a priority”]

[14:45] AD: Coleman Farms

[15:52] Self-awareness and understanding your tendencies can help you figure out the best ways for you to set yourself up for success

[16:40] Create systems that help you complete the essential tasks

[17:15] Don’t overextend yourself

[18:26]  Check in with yourself. Are you sleeping and eating well? Are you getting some movement in?

[19:05] Honor your body and what it’s telling you

[20:25] As long as you’re taking steps in the direction you want to go, you’ll get there

[21:13] Change starts from within

[21:50] Shelby: I recently updated my stress less worksheet and it includes my meal plan, it’s on my website for free

[22:22] Outro

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