Episode 86: Taking Time to Rest

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast!

Episode #86: Taking Time to Rest

Your hosts: Jess and Shelby

[0:45] Intro and life updates

[12:04] AD: Coleman Farms

[13:08] Shelby shares her tactics for creating space for rest

[13:45] Shelby: Every week, I pick out one day to rest

[15:03] It’s okay to rest

[15:31] Shelby: I think moms are sold the lie that we can’t rest; you CAN rest, you’re just going to have to get creative

[16:09] You’ll get more work done in the long run when you take time to rest and recharge

[17:35] Shelby: I’ve been trying to take time to practice gratitude, and make sure that I’m not allowing my happiness to be dictated by external circumstances

[17:59] Shelby: Taking time to do things that feed my soul (my creativity and imagination) is very nourishing

[18:45] Jess: If we aren’t living in alignment, everything is going to feel so hard and so tiring

[19:07] Connecting with nature is a good way to rest

[19:30] Shelby: It’s interesting to me that keeping the sabbath/having a day of rest is listed in the 10 commandments; it’s that important. It signifies that we need rest, and that it’s really bad for us when we don’t rest

[19:51] Jess: I think this year has forced people to realize how much they need to rest

[20:17] Shelby: This year has also forced people to re-prioritize what is important and worth their energy

[21:07] Jess: The beginning of this year I chose to sit with a lot of strong emotions and rest, and I realized a lot of stuff was happening FOR me, not TO me

[22:15] You can’t control what happens to you, you can only control how you respond

[22:25] Don’t let circumstances define you

[22:55] Shelby: You can have a big influence on yourself just by checking in on what you’re telling yourself and who you’re spending your time with

[23:28] Shelby: My favorite part of my job is sitting with people as they talk through their struggles

[24:05] Shelby: Validation and being seen is so important; having people that hear and see you is so important

[24:30] The importance of holding space

[25:26] Shelby: Everyone needs a mentor, a therapist, and a cheerleader

[26:00] Humans don’t always value free resources

[27:47] Shelby: When something is valuable to you, you utilize it, you take care of it, you work on it- all of those things

[28:39] Are you willing to take care of yourself?

[28:55] Jess shares her new coaching option as a certified brain rewiring coach

[29:50] Shelby shares her new post-partum program for moms

[31:25] Outro

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