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Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast! We are here to help you improve your mental health through simple and effective lifestyle changes! Click on the links below to view our show notes and listen to the show! Please email us at questions@rootedmindpodcast.com if you have any questions or topic ideas! We would love to hear from you!

Episode 1: Introductions

Episode 2: Anxiety First Aid

Episode 3: Boundaries and Contentment

Episode 4: Navigating the Holidays

Episode 5: Non-Resolutions for the New Year

Episode 6: Keto Quickstart

Episode 7: Cold Care

Episode 8: Period Reset

Episode 9: Conflict Resolution

Episode 10: Postpartum Depression

Episode 11: Gut Health

Episode 12: Contentment and Relationships

Episode 13: Holistic Health with Clare Brady

Episode 14: Living With Chronic Lyme Disease With Whitney Woollard

Episode 15: Depression 101

Episode 16: Depression and Nutrition

Episode 17: Time Management with Donata White

Episode 18: Tips for Stress-Free Travel

Episode 19: Sleep

Episode 20: Shelby’s Infertility Journey

Episode 21: PCOS and Infertility

Episode 22: Vegan Brain

Episode 23: Farm to Table

Episode 24: Friendship and Brain Health

Episode 25: It’s Not About the Weight

Episode 26: Imposter Syndrome

Episode 27: Anxiety Be Gone

Episode 28: Stress-Free Meal Prep with Cassy Joy Garcia

Episode 29: Jealousy and Content

Episode 30: Adrenal Fatigue and Stress

Episode 31: Gluten Brain

Episode 32: Health and Hormones

Episode 33: Healthy Food on a Budget

Episode 34: Creative Ways to Eat More Vegetables

Episode 35: Water and Stress

Episode 36: Self Defense and Mental Health

Episode 37: Fostering Adventures

Episode 38: Routines for Less Stress

Episode 39: Diet Culture

Episode 40: Toxins 101

Episode 41: Emotional Health for Littles

Episode 42: Communication

Episode 43: Plastics

Episode 44: Special Guest Monica Little

Episode 45: Pregnancy Prep

Episode 46: Special Guest Erin Simas

Episode 47: Special Guest Kierstin Cifelli

Episode 48: Special Guest Berry Berrion

Episode 49: Special Guest Kate Markovitz on Motherhood and the Postpartum Period

Episode 50: Chakras

Episode 51: Reflections

Episode 52: Self-Growth in Relationships

Episode 53: Special Guest Cat Mulvihill

Episode 54: New Year. New Goals.

Episode 55: Therapy & Doing the Work

Episode 56: Back to the Basics

Episode 57: Blood Sugar Balance

Episode 58: Victimhood Mindset

Episode 59: Emotion Regulation

Episode 60: How to Road Trip America with Jon Simos

Episode 61: Minimalism 

Episode 62: Fitness and Exercise

Episode 63: Finding Purpose

Episode 64: EMFs: Avoiding Invisible Toxins

Episode 65: Sustainable and Local Food with Special Guest Jessica Parks

Episode 66: Mom Guilt

Episode 67: Growth in a Global Pandemic

Episode 68: Safer Baby Products

Episode 69: Forgiveness

Episode 70: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Episode 71: Midwifery

Episode 72: Neurofeedback

Episode 73: Manifestation

Episode 74: Get Your Shift Together with Taylor Ellis

Episode 75: Birth Education with Dr. Marissa Hols

Episode 76: Social Media Detox

Episode 77: Shelby’s Birth Story

Episode 78: Money Mindset

Episode 79: Morning Routines

Episode 80: All about Mold

Episode 81: Vitamin D

Episode 82: Minding Your Mental Health

Episode 83: Sleep Solutions with Sleep Consultant Eva Klein

Episode 84: Overcoming Overwhelm

Episode 85: Creating a Holistic Home

Episode 86: Taking Time to Rest

Episode 87: The Last Episode